Terms & Conditions

Our Product has a 18 Month Guarantee from our trusted supplier, given that the correct caring instructions are followed.

However, the below also implies to our product and is Binding. 


The Products is provided on a ‘As Is’ and ‘As Available’ Basis without Warranties of any kind, Either Express OR Implied, Including But not limited to, the implied warranties of Merchantability, for a particular Purpose and Non-Infringement. No Warranty is provided that the product will be free from Defects, Or that the operation of the product will be uninterrupted. Your use of the Product and any Materials Or Service obtained is at YOUR OWN RISK, and you are Solely responsible for any Damage resulting from their use.

You as the Buyer therefor also acknowledges and agrees that ProLine Hair Co. is ONLY the Distributor and NOT the Manufacturer or Producer of any of the products supplied by ProLine Hair Co. , In No event shall the Distributor be Liable with respect to any conditions, defects, deficiencies, dangers, Faults Or Failures of any kind with respect with OR Relating to any of the products supplied by the Distributor.

You as the client can submit your product for evaluation Given that all necessary Caring instructions was followed diligently and without failing to upkeep the daily routine of combing and wearing your hair in a plait for sleeping, Using the Correct Shampoo and Conditioners. No Tints was added on Our Products and no Modifications was made.

To get detailed information on how we handle orders, delivery, and installation, simply reach out to one of our registered salons. They’ll be your go-to resource for booking orders, scheduling deliveries, and arranging installations. Remember, only salons that bear our ProLine Hair Co Certificate are authorized to carry our extensions. So, keep an eye out for this certification to ensure you’re getting authentic products and expert service from our authorized partners. 

Feel free to reach out to the salon from which you made your purchase for details on their return policy and procedures. They’ll be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may hav